Olivia Pritchett

My name is Olivia Pritchett and I firmly believe I possess personal qualities and professional experiences that make me an excellent candidate for the Area 1, Nevada Joint Union High School District (NJUHSD) Board Trustee.  This district covers Nevada City, North San Juan and Camptonville.  I am running for Area 1 Trustee to secure a great high school experience not only for my own children but for the entire community.  

With two of my children at Nevada Union High School and my eldest having served as the Student Trustee, I attended all the school board meetings. I recognize that the work of the board was greatly disrupted last year and I’m very enthusiastic about getting back to the business of the district and delivering high quality education to all students.  I also feel that the students deserve a board member who will listen to them and take to heart their experiences as students at the high school.

A 13-year resident of Grass Valley, I was born and raised in the heartland of traditional American values in the Midwest.  I graduated from the University of Illinois with a double major in Psychology and Spanish.  I’ve worked in healthcare and social services as well as in schools, directly with students, serving many types of adults and children throughout my career. As a local performer and nonprofit board member, I also value arts in education and in the community.  I believe that schools need to have diverse opportunities for the varied students they serve, including strong academics, vocational opportunities, arts and music education, as well as creating a safe environment that is sensitive to the social emotional needs of students.   The communication skills I attained in my professional roles are directly relevant to the roles of a school board member and set the groundwork for me to harmoniously work with a team to get things done for the kids.

Right from the start I’ve been taking a collaborative approach to the NJUSD Trustees by canvassing with two other qualified and collaborative-minded candidates in the race; Wendy Willoughby who is running for Area 2 which covers Grass Valley and Rough & Ready, and Ken Johnson who is running for South County’s Area 5.  Ever since we learned that we were all running, we’ve been working together to put the needs of the students first.  We are hosting a student listening session on October 9, 2022, from 5:30 – 7:00 at 355 Crown Point Circle, Suite D to hear directly from the students about their experiences and what issues they would like to see addressed.  

An impassioned volunteer leader, valued employee, and committed parent at Grass Valley Charter School, I dedicated 13 years to fundraising and social events, teaching enrichment Spanish classes, and creating an impactful and positive culture and community for students, staff, and parents.  Now that all my children have attended or are attending NU, I am shifting my focus to meaningful involvement there.  I currently serve as vice president of the Nevada Union Parent Club and president of the NU Football Boosters.  During these challenging times, my objective communication style will bring leadership that encourages community dialogue, active listening, and student engagement. I am committed to providing quality education to all students as a strong foundation for life.   A student once said, “Miss Olivia doesn’t have favorites.  Miss Olivia is always fair.” I consider that the highest compliment and will always work for Nevada County in that spirit.  

I will bring a calm, civil, and measured voice of intelligence and insight to the Nevada Joint Union High School Board.  My focus on bringing high quality education with a broad range of choices for students with many different skills and interests, and my concern for the entire educational community’s well-being including students, teachers, staff and parents will serve NU and our entire community in maintaining the excellent reputation enjoyed by Nevada County schools.  

I ask for your vote on November 8th and it would be my honor to represent Area 1 as the Nevada Joint Union High School District Trustee.

The people with the most knowledge about the schools in question and the important role of the Trustees are behind me, Ken Johnson, and Wendy Willoughby as future trustees.  The endorsements that we have received include:

  • Nevada Joint Union High School District Teachers Association (comprised of teachers from all schools that form NJUHSD: Bear River, Silver Springs, North Point Academy and Nevada Union)
  • Louise Johnson, retired, NJUHSD Superintendent
  • Susan Clarabut, retired, Asst. Supt, Grass Valley SD
  • Trisha Dellis, retired, Nevada City Superintendent
  • Stephanie Ortiz, retired, Executive Dean, Sierra College
  • George Olive, retired, Twin Ridges Superintendent
  • Dan Zeisler, retired, Chicago Park Superintendent
  • Irene Frazier, retired, NU English teacher
  • Terry McAteer, retired, County Superintendent
  • Henry Goodman, retired, NU history teacher
  • Gale Peach, retired, Special Ed Teacher, Pleasant Ridge USD
  • Jon Byerrum, retired, Grass Valley Superintendent
  • Taryn Montre-Loehr, retired, Bear River Counselor
  • Jeff Dellis, retired, NU Athletic Director
  • Debbie Zeisler, retired, NU Admin Asst to Superintendent
  • Barbie Toschi, retired, Bear River Science teacher
  • Karen Suenram, retired, NJUHSD Asst. Superintendent
  • Richard Baker, former, NJUHSD Trustee
  • Rich Toschi, retired, Magnolia PE teacher
  • Lew Sitzer, retired, Bear River History teacher
  • Erik Fredrickson, retired, Grass Valley Superintendent
  • H.L. “Skip” Houser, retired, County Superintendent
  • Joe Limov, retired, Union Hill Principal
  • Dave Morehouse, retired, Bear River History teacher
  • Louise McFadden, retired, NU English teacher
  • Timothy May, retired, Yuba College English Instructor
  • Mike Blake, retired, NU Principal/teacher
  • Holly Hermansen, retired, County Superintendent
  • Wendy Baker, retired, Alta Sierra teacher
  • Diana Lynne, retired, Nevada Union history teacher
  • Lorrie Fredrickson, retired, School Psychologist, NU and BR
  • Scott Savoie, retired, Bear River teacher/Athletic Director
  • Linda Miller, retired, NU Athletic Instructor
  • Larry Meek, retired, NU Principal
  • Nancy August, retired, CBO Pleasant Ridge District
  • Lori Osmond, retired, NU Tech teacher
  • Julie Baker, member, Nevada County Board of Education
  • Lauretta Muzio, Past President, PRUSD Board of Trustees
  • Jeff Peach, retired, Technology Teacher, Pleasant Ridge USD
  • Janice Rosner, retired, School Psychologist