PLACERVILLE, Calif. May 17, 2020 – The emergency closures for the Rock Creek, Elkins Flat and Caples Creek trails systems on the Eldorado National Forest have been extended through May 29. These temporary closures were put in place on May 8 to protect visitors and employees from hazardous trail conditions caused by storm damage and fire damage that has occurred since last year’s field season. Trail assessment and maintenance, including hazard mitigation, is planned and trails will be reopened as soon as the work is completed to clear all hazards.

All uses, including hiking, are temporarily prohibited for areas specified in Emergency Forest Order No. 03-20-09 which includes Bald Mountain Staging Area, Balderson Trailhead, Mace Mill Staging Area, Elkins Flat Staging Area, Caples Creek Trailhead, Caples Creek Equestrian Trailhead and trails associated with these sites.

Visitors are encouraged to explore other parts of the forest’s diverse trail system which offer many other opportunities for motorized, non-motorized and equestrian use. The Motorized Vehicle Use Maps (MVUMs) for each Ranger District provide numerous multi-use routes and are available on the forest website here.   

Guidelines for low impact recreation help conserve forest resources:    

For more information on current conditions and recreation status in the Eldorado National Forest, please visit the forest website or contact our Virtual Services offices between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:30 pm Monday through Friday:
·      Forest Supervisor’s Office – 530-303-2412
·      Georgetown Ranger District – 530-334-6477
·      Placerville/Pacific Ranger District – 916-500-4712
·      Amador Ranger District – 209-259-3774