NEVADA CITY, Calif. July 5, 2016 – The Nevada County Elections Office has completed the official canvass and published the final election results for the June Primary Election.

A total of 45,167 out of 66,178 eligible voters cast their ballots, bringing voter turnout to 68.25%.

Measure W’s clear outcome

The No on Measure W, the county’s proposed ban on outdoor marijuana cultivation, widen their lead to 59.45% with 26,383 voters opposing the measure. The Yes side garnered 17,994 votes – 40.55%.

Measure W had the highest voter participation of all the races on the ballot, 98.25% of the 45,167 voters expressed their opinion. Only 785 did not vote in the contest and 6 voters voted both Yes and No.

Supervisorial races

No change in outcome for the three supervisorial races.

In District 1, Heidi Hall won with 55.88% or 5,762 votes over Duane Strawser with 44.12% or 4,549 votes. 990 voters in the district expressed no preference for either candidate and 3 voted for both.

In District 2, Ed Scofield won with 60.51% or 4,959 votes over Richard Harris with 39.49% or 3,236 votes. 1,173 voters in the district (12.52%) voted for neither and 2 voters voted for both.

In District 5, Richard Anderson ran unopposed and garnered 3,816 votes or 59.63%. 2,583 voters did not vote in the race.

Nevada City Measure Y

Nevada City voters expressed their displeasure with Measure Y by 1,139 votes or 65.91%. The proponents garnered 589 votes, translating to 34.09%. Only 58 voters expressed no preference.

The full results for all contests are available here.