Next Tuesday, during the last Board of Supervisors (BOS) meeting of 2021, the final map of Nevada County’s supervisorial districts is slated for adoption. Based on 2020 census data, some minor shifts will occur to reflect population growth and public input. The Nevada County Redistricting Advisory Council held public hearings and workshops, received comments from residents via the redistricting website and presented options to the BOS. Supervisors will hear a final presentation and vote on the final map at 10:30 am on Tuesday, December 14, 2021.

Current BOS districtsNew BOS districts
Current and new BOS district map. Move the slider to see differences

Nevada County’s population grew slightly in the past ten years, for a total of 102,284. The new map puts most of North Bloomfield and Rock Creek Rd, Highway 20 areas into District 1. All of Cascade Shores, Banner Quaker to District 1. Mount Olive moved to District 1. Expands the north end of District 2 to include Welsh Ln and LaBarr Meadows. Moves the southwest portion from District 3 to District 4. Moves the Alison Ranch areas to District 3, Bitney Corner area to District 4 and Loma Rica to District 3.

Map adoption kicks off countdown to election season

Once the final map is adopted by the BOS, the first date candidates for local office could file their petition in-lieu of fee would be January 12, 2022. Per Election Code section 21501 “the forms required… shall not be made available until at least 28 days after the adoption of a final map.”

The final date for filing is March 11, 2022 and the Primary Election will be on June 7, 2022.

County Nonpartisan Offices up for election in 2022

Nevada County Supervisor, District 3 (Dan Miller, Incumbent)
Nevada County Supervisor, District 4 (Sue Hoek, Incumbent)
Nevada County Assessor (Sue Horne, Incumbent)
Nevada County Auditor-Controller (Marcia Salter, Incumbent)
Nevada County Clerk-Recorder/Registrar (Gregory J. Diaz, Incumbent)
Nevada County District Attorney (Jesse Wilson, Appointed Incumbent)
Nevada County Sheriff/Coroner/PA (Shannan Moon, Incumbent)
Nevada County Superintendent of Schools (Scott W. Lay, Incumbent)
Nevada County Treasurer/Tax Collector (Tina Vernon, Incumbent)
Placer County Superintendent of Schools (Gayle Garbolino-Mojica, Incumbent)

Municipal Nonpartisan Offices

Nevada City, City Council (Duanne Strawser, Incumbent)
Nevada City, City Council (Erin Minett, Incumbent)
Nevada City, City Treasurer (David McKay, Incumbent) <– now appointed [edit]

Grass Valley, City Council (Ben Aguilar, Incumbent)
Grass Valley, City Council (Hilary Hodge, Incumbent)

Truckee, Town Council (Anna Klovstad, Incumbent)
Truckee, Town Council (David Polivy Incumbent)
Truckee, Town Council (Jan Zabriskie, Incumbent)

Nevada County Board Of Education

Trustee Area 1: (Louise Bennicoff Johnson, Incumbent)
Trustee Area 1: (Susan Clarabut, Incumbent)
Board President, Trustee Area II (Heino L. Nicolai, Incumbent)

Grass Valley School District

Trustee-Board President (Jeanne Michael, Incumbent)
Trustee (Mrs. Lisa Jarvis, Incumbent)
Board Clerk (Ms. Andrea Bradley, Incumbent)

Clear Creek School District

Trustee (Bart Riebe, Incumbent)
Trustee (Jerily McCormick, Incumbent)

Pleasant Ridge Union School District

Trustee (Deanne Opdahl, Incumbent)
Trustee (Angela Arroyo, Incumbent)
Trustee (Kelly McKinley, Incumbent)

Nevada City School District

Trustee (Sandy Hakala, Incumbent)
Trustee (Seth Leishman, Incumbent)
Trustee (Jennifer Singer, Incumbent)

Twin Ridges Elementary School District

Trustee (Malik Goodman, Incumbent)
Trustee (Hilary Hulteen, Incumbent)

Tahoe Truckee Unified School District

Trustee Area 1 (Ms. Kim Szczurek, Incumbent)
Trustee Area 5 (Ms. Dianna Driller, Incumbent)
Trustee Area 4 (Mr. Gaylan Larson, Incumbent)