Hi Nevada County!
We’re entering the season of Red Flag Warnings and the north winds that have driven some devastating wildfires in the last several years. But we have the power to increase our peace of mind. Here’s a quick list of things that will only take you a few moments to do, but can make a big difference as we see ash fall and deal with the last two months (hopefully) of wildfire season:

Start Small
Take a few moments to focus on the first 10 feet around your home:

  • Rake leaves and pine needles away from structures
  • Clear roof and gutters of fallen leaves and needles
  • Make sure garden hoses are connected and ready to use
  • Take down unused canvas sun shades
  • Store flammable patio furniture in the garage

Also, be safe and prepared:

  • Do NOT mow after 10:00 a.m.
  • Pack or check your Go Bag and place it in your car
  • Check the batteries on your flashlights
  • Register for CodeRED, or download the app on your cell phones

Think Big
Schedule a Defensible Space Advisory Visit with one of our 70 trained Advisors. This service is provided free of charge (though a donation of any amount funds this program, and is greatly appreciated!) and is strictly voluntary. Your advisor will maintain social distancing as they help you to see your property from the perspective of someone who can identify your home’s greatest vulnerabilities. Together, you can come up with a plan for immediate, and long-term, action.
Whatever you choose – please do something to honor National Preparedness Month. Browse our website to view the many services we offer to help you prepare for wildfire.

September To Do List

It’s Time for Red Flag Weather. Make sure you have your go-bag packed, including scans of important documents.. Park facing outward and keep your garage door open, if possible. Make sure vehicles have enough gas. View the CALFIRE Red Flag map.
Re-check Your Defensible Space Look at the new growth that’s happened since spring and remove any vegetation that may pose a threat to your home in an ember storm. Be sure to check your gutters for accumulations of leaves or needles.
Check generators for operational safety in preparation for PSPS events. Check with neighbors who might need assistance if the power goes out. Learn more about generator safety.

Don’t be scared, be PREPARED.