FSCNC accomplishes our goal of reducing the threat and impact of wildfire in Nevada County through two major pathways: public education programs and fuels reduction projects.

FSCNC has been awarded one of CAL FIRE’s Forest Health Grant Awards. We are pleased to announce this project award in the amount of $4,967,200.00 for the Western Nevada County Forest Health Objectives. Partnering agencies on this project include The US Forest Service, Fire Safe Council of Nevada County and several FireWise USA communities.

“CAL FIRE’s Forest Health Program funds active restoration and reforestation activities aimed at providing for more resilient and sustained forests to ensure future existence of forests in California while also mitigating climate change, protecting communities from fire risk, strengthening rural economies, and improving California’s water & air. Through grants to regionally based partners and collaboratives, CAL FIRE seeks to significantly increase fuels management, fire reintroduction, treatment of degraded areas, and conservation of forests.”

These grants were made possible by funding from California Climate Investments.

Find the full awardee project list here: https://www.fire.ca.gov/media/oz2imipw/20-21_forest-health_legacy_awards_web.pdf

This project, Western Nevada County Forest Health Objectives, spans a three-year work plan focusing on fuel reduction and prescribed fire; 1,800 acres are currently ready to be implemented. This project award will carry on previous project work within the greater project zone known as the Western Nevada County Community Defense Zone.

The WNCCDP has been a long-term project over 24 thousand acres. Restoring forest land creates a healthier ecosystem for native species of plants and animals, improves biodiversity, reduces strain on the watershed, and provides better protection from wildfire to communities by reducing the intensity of fire that may pass through that forest land.

Restoring this much forest land to a healthier state takes a major effort with partners that excel at collaboration. We are pleased to continue collaboration in the WNCCDP with our partners at CAL FIRE, Bureau of Land Management, Tahoe National Forest, Nevada Irrigation District, and our local Firewise USA Communities.