Gas and food prices are higher, leaving us with less money for other necessities. Nevada County gas prices are higher than average in California. Society is still recovering from Covid 19 economic impacts. Many people are still struggling with basic needs. If you need support, or know someone who does, please direct them to FOOD ACCESS SATURDAYS at Interfaith Food Ministry on the second Saturday of the month from 10am-12pm. United Way of Nevada County has teamed up with Interfaith Food Ministry to give you more pick up options, and we don’t want you to miss this opportunity to offset your grocery bill. United Way collective impact programs are ongoing and are here for Nevada County residents.

Food Access Saturday

“As a child and now a parent in a working household, I have personally experienced food insecurity. Working hard and full time does not decrease the price of living. Access to affordable food is a human right. Supplemental food has really helped me feed my family. These volunteers and services are so sweet and are a priceless asset here.” -Jennifer, Nevada County resident.

Grocery items at FOOD ACCESS SATURDAY includes vegetables, fruits, grains, shelf stable items, dairy, protein and more. When available, holiday meals or birthday cakes are also provided to households celebrating a special day. The Food Access Saturday program eliminates service barriers like income verification documents which creates an opportunity for anyone to benefit from the cost savings associated with free groceries. You will need to show identification and proof of local residence. Features and benefits of Food Access Saturday:

  • Open to everyone in Nevada County regardless of household size or income
  • Fresh vegetables, produce, choices in dairy, protein, pantry staples and more
  • COVID-19 conscious drive-thru distribution

For more location information, please check out their website at or

  • APRIL 9th, MAY 14th, and JUNE 11th, 2022
  • 10am-12pm
  • Interfaith Food Ministry-440 Henderson Dr. GV 95945