VALLEJO, Calif. — April 20, 2022. With much of California in drought conditions, please remember that any accidental spark while visiting California’s national forests could escalate into a wildfire. Unsafe recreational shooting practices, unattended campfires, and sparks from a loose chain on a vehicle are just a few of the causes for hundreds of wildfires that start every year in California’s forests. 

More than 90 percent of all fire starts are human caused. So use good situational awareness and plan ahead to help prevent these unintended fires. Read posted campfire, parking, and camping restrictions, and always be mindful of local wildfire conditions when enjoying the national forests.

Also carefully consider the type of ammunition you use while recreational shooting. Exploding targets, incendiary rounds, and tracers are prohibited on national forests. They can be highly destructive and easily ignite surrounding vegetation. Fireworks are never permitted on any national forest.

Accidentally starting a wildfire can have legal ramifications and force the closure of a forest—impacting recreation for all of us. If a wildfire does accidentally start, keep a shovel, fire extinguisher, and extra water on hand. Immediately call local authorities or dial 911.

Additional tools and resources are available on the Recreate Responsibly website at

We appreciate your cooperation and commitment in ensuring our national forests stay safe and sustainable for everyone’s use.