Nevada City, CA January 17, 2023 – The next iteration of the beloved community singalong “The Foundry Sings” takes place Wednesday, January 25, 2023 beginning at 6:00 p.m.  The popular Journey anthem “Don’t Stop Believin’ will be performed by anyone who is interested in coming together to learn the song under the direction of Nevada Union High School/Seven Hills Middle School Choral director Rod Baggett.  

The Foundry Sings

Since 2018, The Foundry Sings has been bringing singers of all levels – from professional to karaoke to “only in the shower” – together said Rod Baggett, “While some who attend already consider themselves to be singers,   there are many who have never been in a choir or had any kind of organized singing experience.”

You do not have to know how to sing to participate.  In fact, you do not have to know how to read music to participate. All that is required is a desire to raise your voice with fellow participants.  After teaching each attendee the vocal arrangement, the group works to bring the composition to life.  At the end of the evening, after a few practices, everyone comes together to sing the song, which is then professionally recorded and put online.

The feeling of accomplishment, camaraderie and pride is palpable. Past performed songs include, “Lean on Me” , “Rocketman”,  “A Little Help From My Friends” , “Teach Your Children” and “Country Roads” as well as many others.

 “Over the years we have specifically chosen songs that either have lots of harmonies already built in or they easily lend themselves to adding harmony. The song chosen for this next Foundry Sings is “Don’t Stop Believin’ ” by Journey,”  Baggett said.  “People of all ages love to sing this song at the top of their voices. It is truly going to be an epic event. I encourage everyone to come; group singing is healing for the soul and connects us in a way that is unique. The harmony we create together with our voices, builds bonds and a connective spirit that is like no other we encounter in our lives.”

Adding to the vibe and the sound is the ambiance of the Stone Hall, which provides rich acoustics to the vocal performance.  “A vibrant energy is created between us when we sing together in harmony,” said Baggett. “Singing your part in a choir and hearing how the different vocal layers blend with one another is a musical phenomenon we all deserve to experience.”

The goal of The Foundry Sings is to bring people of all ages and singing levels together under one roof to share in the power of song.  The Foundry Sings is inspired by the popular Choir! Choir! Choir!, a weekly drop-in singing event based in Toronto, Canada, which has attracted professional musicians such as Rufus Wainwright to sing with the group.

Food and drink are available for purchase. 

WHO:  Miners Foundry Presents The Foundry Sings “Don’t Stop Believin”

WHERE:  Miners Foundry, 325 Spring Street, Nevada City, CA 95959, Call (530) 265-5040

WHEN:  Wedneday, January 25, 2023  6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Doors at 5:30 p.m.

HOW:  $10  Tickets available online, by phone or in person at the Miners Foundry Box Office: 325 Spring Street, Nevada City, CA 95959 Tuesday – Friday | 9:00am – 4:00pm  

The Miners Foundry Cultural Center is a living historic treasure serving Nevada County as a cultural art and community events center. More than a venue, the nonprofit’s mission is to preserve, enhance and utilize the historic Miners Foundry for cultural, educational and social activities in Nevada County. It is a symbol of California’s rich historical heritage, providing an educational and social bridge from our past to the present and future.