The winter storm has left damage throughout western Nevada County, adding to the urgency of getting ready for peak fire season. The precipitation outlook is rather bleak at the moment, but on a positive note it gives residents time to be outside and start the yearly preparations earlier.

For the next 12 weeks, YubaNet will publish one story a week to help readers prepare for the upcoming peak wildfire season. We’ll start this Friday with “Taking inventory inside and out” and how to get ready using all available resources.

Three storm green waste disposal events are coming up in March and April, starting now will give you sufficient time to take advantage of the free program. Let’s face it, every year the same amount of work takes a little longer, even more so these days when everyone is in need of the same tools, and professional contractors have long waiting lists.

In the coming twelve stories, we’ll list the available resources, except the ones specific to you – your neighbors, friends and family. Working together safely is a great way to build community, your very own mutual aid system.

We’ll address vegetation management on private properties, how to harden your home, what you need to do now to be ready if/when evacuations are being called for your area, how-to guides for communication plans, evacuation plans, how Nevada County Schools prepare for wildfire and more.

If you have a specific prep topic you want addressed, drop us a note.