September 18, 2019 – From 12 noon until 2:00 p.m. on Friday, September 20, people of all ages are invited to gather in front of both Nevada City and Grass Valley city halls in support of the Global Climate Strike, joining millions of people in over 150 countries who are taking to the streets to call for emergency action on climate change. These globally-coordinated demonstrations are an outgrowth of the ever-expanding student-led climate strikes begun by Greta Thunberg, the Swedish student who is credited with mobilizing her peers and significantly raising awareness about the dangers of climate change. Local demonstrations will seek to raise awareness in our community and to push for just and equitable solutions to the dangers of climate change.

The purpose these demonstrations is to show solidarity with children, youth, young adults, and future generations who will face the worst impacts of climate change. Students and teachers are welcome to join us or may choose to participate in the Global Climate Strike on their own campuses or in other ways. People are invited to come for all or for any part of these local demonstrations, to simply show up or to bring signs, banners, chants, or songs. These events are organized by the Nevada County Peace and Justice Center and Earth Justice Ministries.

Background Information:

The Global Climate Strike, scheduled for September 20-27 2019, is an outgrowth of Fridays for Future, a global youth movement that was started by Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg. Greta started going on strike from school every Friday to highlight the climate emergency. She asks, “Why study for a future that may not be there?” Friday for Future strikes have caught on; varied actions have taken place in countries around the world. Now Greta and other climate strikers are calling for people of all ages to show support for them by participating in a Global Climate Strike. People have responded by organizing strikes, demonstrations, and other actions in 150 countries. It is expected to be the largest global climate action ever. In a TED talk, said: “The one thing we need more than hope is action. Once we start to act, hope is everywhere. So instead of looking for hope, look for action. Then, and only then, hope will come.”

Global Climate Strike:

Fridays for Future:

A video of an interview with Greta Thunberg and Naomi Klein, well worth watching:

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Climate Leader Bill McKibben about why we should support the Global Climate Strike: