NEVADA CITY, Calif. November 22, 2019 – As fires spread across the state, we take notice of those who stand on the front line. Firefighters protect our personal safety and our homes. It is a dangerous job. Sadly, the men and women who choose to provide this safety and peace of mind sometimes fall. Wildland Firefighter Foundation provides support to families when a wildland firefighter death or injury occurs.

Golden Era Cocktail Lounge, 309 Broad Street in downtown Nevada City, wishes to honor firefighters by hosting Firefighters Thanksgiving, a benefit for Wildland Firefighters Foundation. They invite the public to join firefighters on Monday, November 25th from 4:00pm until 10:00pm to raise funds and celebrate all fire service personnel and first responders. Complimentary welcome punch and a special whiskey cocktail await you. Appetizers are being provided by The Ham Stand and raffle prizes will be drawn. Tickets are $30 per adult and are available at the Golden Era Cocktail Lounge.

Typically closed on Mondays, Golden Era felt celebrating fire personnel was important enough to cancel their day off. “First responders come whenever they are called, regardless of the day or the hour. We determined it was the least we could do to miss our day off in their honor,” said Steve Giardina, owner of Golden Era. “We wanted to celebrate first responders in a manner that allows everyone the opportunity to participate.”

Fire Captain Patrick Sullivan is working with the Golden Era to put together a memorable event. “There will be an antique fire truck parked outside and numerous opportunities to offer contributions,” said Sullivan. “We know many won’t have time to spend the evening, but want everyone to feel comfortable stopping by if they just want to say thanks or make a contribution.”

Golden Era’s Eric Giardina feels it is important to provide thanks to the men and women who give so much to all of us. “When I initially proposed this event and asked a number my vendors and suppliers to join me in making it happen, Szabo Winery, South Fork Vodka, George Dickel Tennessee Whiskey, Chacewater, and Bulleit Whiskey have joined Golden Era, Jason Jillson from The Ham Stand, and Nevada County Professional Firefighters Local 3800 as event sponsors.

“We approach each duty day prepared and willing to serve,” said Clayton Thomas, President of Nevada County Professional Firefighters Local 3800. “We’re grateful for organizations like Wildland Firefighter Foundation who raise funds all year long to provide support to our families should we not return home from a wildfire.” Thomas stated that Golden Era and their event sponsors make firefighters feel appreciated on a local level. “We are honored by the recognition and support.”

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