The Grass Valley Family Resource Center (FRC), located next door to the Grass Valley Charter School, has closed its doors after 14 years of service.  The Grass Valley School District is absorbing this building into its organization for program repurposing. 

The former Grass Valley Family Resource Center
The former Grass Valley Family Resource Center

Over the years the Grass Valley FRC has been able to offer a wide variety of services and supports for local families, including playgroups for preschool children, parenting workshops, a clothes closet, partnership with the Nevada County Diaper Project, referrals to local community agencies for behavioral and mental health support, Promotora translation services for families, tutoring services for students, and much more. 

While this physical location will no longer be available to the FRC, the services will not go away.  Full services will continue to be provided at the other two FRC locations in Penn Valley on the Ready Springs campus and San Juan Ridge on the Oak Tree campus.

We celebrate the many years of service in commitment to supporting students and families provided by the Grass Valley FRC. Thank you to the families who have utilized these services and supports, and we hope that you continue to reach out to our other two sites for your needs.

We encourage you to check out the website for information about services from our Promotora, parenting education specialist and the calendar of summer events being held at the Penn Valley and San Juan Ridge FRC locations.