GRASS VALLEY, Calif. September 17, 2019 – Grass Valley and Nevada City Fire Departments, in conjunction with CAL FIRE Nevada-Yuba-Placer Unit, are pleased to announce they have entered into an automatic aid agreement.

This agreement allows State resources to respond, on initial dispatch, to any fire incidents within the city limits of Grass Valley and Nevada City. CAL FIRE NEU Unit Chief, Brian Estes, has determined that the entirety of the two cities are to be considered a Mutual Threat Zone (MTZ) between the cities and the State Responsibility Area (SRA).

This agreement will automatically send a full CAL FIRE response into the cities or Local Response Area (LRA) depending on the dispatch level.

On a “high” dispatch level, in addition to the cities response of three engines, a water tender and a Battalion Chief, the cities will now receive additional State resources of up to seven engines, two hand crews, a dozer, two air tankers with an air attack, a helicopter, and a CAL FIRE Battalion Chief.

The City of Grass Valley and the City of Nevada City will continue to support the State mission by responding to fires in the local area and throughout the state as requested. This partnership comes at no additional cost to the citizens of our communities, and is another example of fire agencies collaborating to provide the best possible service while being fiscally responsible.