This is a reminder notice that as of May 1, 2022, all weeds, flammable vegetation (e.g., dead pine needles or leaves, dry grasses, etc.) and other combustible materials that constitute a fire hazard need to be removed from any private land within the City. Flammable vegetation management must be maintained through October 31st, or the end of fire season as declared by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE), whichever comes first.

Improved and/or Unimproved Property Less Than or Equal to One Acre:

  • The entire property shall be mowed/cleared so that flammable vegetation is no higher than four inches above mineral soil. [Exception: Live Ornamental Landscape Vegetation.]
  • The roof of every building and/or structure shall be free of flammable vegetation.
  • No portion of any tree shall be within ten feet of the outlet of a chimney, stovepipe and/or electrical power service drop.
  • Any plant, tree, or shrub adjacent to or overhanging a building and/or structure shall be free of dead or dying wood.
  • Trees shall be free of branches six feet up from the ground.

Improved and/or Unimproved Property Greater Than One Acre:

  • If property abuts an “improved property” – fifteen-foot clearance from property line.
  • If property abuts public or private rights-of-way, or fire apparatus access road – thirty-foot clearance zone from edge of sidewalk (or street line if no sidewalk).

For more information about the requirements, please visit the following websites:

City of Grass Valley:

Nevada City:

Ensure you do the Right Thing, the Right Way – Review attached Equipment Use Safety sheet

Please direct any questions to: or

We appreciate your diligence in keeping our community fire safe.


Are You doing the right thing, the wrong way?

Are you doing the right thing the wrong way -for example, trying to eliminate the fire hazards around your home and in the process starting a wildland fire?

Lawn mowers, weedeaters, chain saws, grinders, welders, tractors, and trimmers can all spark a wildland fire. Do your part, the right way, to keep your community fire safe.

Here’s how to do it the Right Way:

Do all yard maintenance that requires a gas or electrical motor before 10 a.m.

▪▪ Not in the heat of the day, or when the wind is blowing!

Lawn mowers are designed to mow lawns.

▪▪Never use lawn mowers in dry vegetation.

Use a weed trimmer to cut down dry weeds and grass.

▪▪Remove rocks in the area before you begin operating any equipment. A rock ▪▪ hidden in grass or weeds is enough to start a fire when struck by a metal blade.

In wildland areas, spark arresters are required on all portable gasoline powered equipment including tractors, harvesters, chain saws, weed eaters, mowers, motorcycles, and All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs).

Keep the exhaust system, spark arresters and mower in proper working order ▪▪ and free of carbon buildup. Use the recommended grade of fuel and don’t top off.

Keep the engine free of oil and dust, and keep the mower free of ▪▪ flammable materials. Have a round point shovel, and water-type fire extinguisher or water source ready to use. Hot exhaust pipes and mufflers can start fires

Keep a cell phone nearby and call 911 immediately in case of a fire.