February 9, 2018 – On February 9, 2018 at about 1204 hours, Grass Valley Police Officers were dispatched to the 100 block of Arcadia Dr. regarding several subjects entering a residence and one was armed with a shotgun. Officers responded along with numerous officers from allied agencies.

Shortly after officers arrived on scene, several subjects were detained as they were exiting the house. One of the subjects upon being confronted by law enforcement produced a sawed off shotgun that had been concealed in his waistband. The subject was later identified as, Matthew Little, 10-15-1997.

During the subsequent investigation officers learned that a subject had been lured to the house earlier in the day. Once at the house several suspects arrived and ultimately confronted the victim at gunpoint in regards to a previous theft. The suspects demanded at gunpoint for the victim to take them to his house in an attempt to locate their previously stolen items.

Law enforcement’s arrival prevented them from leaving the residence with the victim.

Based on evidence and statements provided to detectives at the scene, Matthew Little, 10-15-1997 and Isaac Williams, 5-24-1998 were arrested and booked into jail for:

207 PC – Kidnapping
236 PC – False Imprisonment
422 PC – Criminal Threats
459 PC – Burglary
182 PC – Conspiracy

Matthew Little was also charged with 417 PC- Brandishing a firearm

A male juvenile was arrested and charged with 459 PC- Burglary, 182 PC- Conspiracy and 777 W&I Probation violation.

This investigation is ongoing.