Nevada County, CA, October 3, 2018 – Grass Valley Police Officers Association announced their endorsement of Bill Smethers for Nevada County Sheriff. In a written statement from the Association:

The Grass Valley Police Officers Association had the opportunity to speak with both you and Shannan Moon regarding the 2018 Nevada County Sheriff candidacy. Our association believes in forward and innovative thinking and strong partnerships with the community and neighboring agencies. We believe working together as law enforcement with main objectives of keeping those in our community safe and providing a high level of service are key in establishing trust and communication with those we serve. We believe this is vital to the sustainability of our community, its safety, and its growth.

After interviewing the Sheriff’s candidates, our association believes that you are the most qualified to promote strong inner agency morale, a strong working relationship with the agencies in this county, and establish trust with the community.

Please know that we do not take endorsements lightly and great consideration was given to make an endorsement. Our association looks forward to having a strong partnership with you in the future.

In addition to this association, Bill has been endorsed by the Nevada County Deputy Sheriff’s Association, the Nevada County Correctional Officers Association, the Nevada City Police Officers Association, and the Nevada County Professional Firefighters Association. The men and women of these associations have a unique understanding of the importance of a strong working relationship with allied agencies and knows that Bill has the abilities to strengthen relationships in the community. For a complete list of endorsements, please visit our website at