GRASS VALLEY, Calif. May 1, 2020 – With the health and safety of all our residents in mind, the City of Grass Valley will move into the second phase of re-opening portions of City Parks. Condon Park, DeVere Mautino Park, and Memorial Park will partially reopen Friday May 1st.

To maintain compliance with the current Stay at Home Order issued by the County Public Health Department, trails, tennis courts, pickleball courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts, and the disc golf course shall re-open at Condon Park, DeVere Mautino Park, and Memorial Park for same household group activity only.

Park visitors will be asked to minimize contact with shared public items such as disc golf baskets, court nets, court hoops, trash cans, etc. The dog park at Condon will reopen Tuesday May 5th, 2020 and individuals must bring their own water and doggy waste bags.

All visitors at all park facilities shall bring their own hand sanitizer when using the public areas to maintain healthy, safe and sanitized areas.

All other park facilities including restrooms, playgrounds, picnic and BBQ areas will remain closed. The City encourages everyone to get outside and enjoy the sunshine with proper social distancing precautions.

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It is important that everyone practice safe social distancing guidelines, or facilities could be closed again in the future. Facilities are being opened for IMMEDIATE FAMILY and HOUSEHOLDS only! Please do not congregate in our parking lots.

As our community members continue to demonstrate proper social distancing, hygiene, and other health-conscious practices, we look forward to reopening other public areas that are not affected by the Stay at Home Order.

We are gradually moving toward the next phases of COVID-19 and we hope this expanded opening of the parks is just the beginning of many more exciting progressions to come. Depending on the outcome of this limited reopening, and as we learn more about the current state of the virus in our area, the City hopes to be able share more uplifting news next week!