March 1, 2018 – Gregory J. Diaz, Nevada County’s Clerk-Recorder, said today he will run for reelection in the Gubernatorial Primary Election June 5.

“The Board of Supervisors asked me to run the department in 2007 to reverse a level of disarray,” Diaz said. “Working with my colleagues in the department, we did just that.

“Today, our office — and our elections operation in particular — serves Nevada County well, and we are respected throughout the state. This year we will implement the California Voters’ Choice Act, one of just five California counties to reach this highly-desirable goal this year.”

Diaz said his goals for the future include continuing to improve the efficiency of the operations of the department, and to continue his legacy of “no drama,” instead fostering the spirit of professional dedication and cooperation that exists in the department today.

Following the Supervisors’ appointment, Diaz was elected to the office for the first time in 2010, prevailing in every precinct in the county. He was reelected in 2014 without opposition.

Since taking office in Nevada County, Mr. Diaz has earned credentials as a professional election administrator, both nationally and in California. He was elected by his peers in 2015 to the office of President of the County Recorders Association of California for a two-year term.

“For Nevada County voters, the Voters’ Choice Act will make it even easier to register and to vote, while security surrounding the vote and vote count will be second to none,” Diaz said.

Over the next few weeks, Diaz and his staff will conduct a series of workshops so that voters can examine all of the benefits of the new act and take advantage of them. The Voters’ Act has transformed voting in several ways:

  • Elections are all mail; every registered voter will receive a ballot in the mail 28 days before the election.
  • Voters can return their ballots by mail, as in the past.
  • Or, voters can drop off their ballots at one of about five Drop-Off Locations and seven Vote Centers strategically located to make it easy for voters to reach. All will be listed in the ballot material sent to voters.
  • If something has gone awry, for instance a ballot mismarked, or a ballot not received, voters can go to any of the Vote Centers to get a replacement ballot or have any other problem addressed quickly.
  • Same-day registration will also be available at these Vote Centers.

Diaz explained that the new system makes it impossible for anyone to vote more than once. In addition, emphasis has been placed on guarding against hacks, or cyber-attacks.

“There is more to the office than just elections,” Diaz said. “We record and preserve all of the county’s official documents, as well as the vital records of our citizens, such as births and deaths, and commercial and property records. We take that responsibility seriously.”