November 29, 2019 – There is a strong possibility that there will be a snow event coinciding with the holiday traffic leaving the area on Sunday.  If Interstate 80 Westbound closes, we will likely have significant gridlock traffic in and around Truckee throughout the day.  Here are some options to consider:      

  • Reschedule your travel to Saturday during the day or Monday morning.  If you must leave on Sunday, travel in the early morning.      
  • If you have a 2wd with chains, consider leaving before or after the Saturday-Monday storm cycle.    
  • Do not try to get just one more Sunday ski day in and leave the resorts with all other afternoon travel traffic.      
  • DO NOT re-route through your mobile gps devices to get around traffic or closures.  Stay on the main roads with the traffic and avoid getting stranded in back neighborhoods.      
  • Local traffic should stay off the roads if possible. Do not assume the center lane of Donner Pass Road is a good route through the congestion. It’s illegal to drive more than 200 ft. in the center lane, it is dangerous is those conditions, and emergency vehicles need that access free from vehicles during gridlock.      
  • The two quickest sources of information to make smart and safe travel decisions for Interstate 80 are CalTrans QuickMap app and the CHP Truckee Facebook page.  

In Truckee, Truckee PD and Truckee Fire will post extended road closures or developing emergency situations. Above all else, be patient and courteous. Significantly reduce your speeds and increase your following distances.  

There is no amount of police presence or traffic control that will resolve the traffic issue in Truckee if Interstate 80 closes.  

Avoiding the congested travel times/days is the best available solution.