NEVADA CITY, Calif. April 9, 2019 – Join Archaeologist Hank Meals on Saturday, April 20 for a hike along the rugged South Yuba Trail to the dramatic view of Long Point, a horseshoe bend in the river where in 1927 a dam was proposed by the Hydraulic Mining Commission.

It’s the second offering in a year-long, monthly series offered by Hiking For Good and Outlandish Experiences exploring cultural landscapes at different elevations within the Yuba, Bear and American River Watersheds.

“It’s April and the weather is perfect. There are lots of new shiny leaves, the ground cover is green, the moss is still glowing and the lushness lingers. This is one of my favorite trails because of its proximity to Nevada City and the many year-round options it provides.”

Along this 6-mile adventure, hikers will follow the contour of the South Yuba River canyon and drift in and out of forests of Douglas fir, Incense cedar, black oak, and live oak. Along the way, participants will see scars on the landscape left behind by the Gold Rush while learning about the old hydraulic mining diggings of Sailor Flat, Blue Tent and Grizzly Hill. Aromatic pennyroyal and other wildflowers are likely to be in full bloom and Kennebec Creek will be rushing with spring runoff. An important area for the Nisenan, it’s a place where bedrock mortars were used to pound acorns, pine nuts, grass seeds and plants into nutritious foods.

After catching the majestic view overlooking Long Point, the group will hike a half-mile spur trail down to the river for a picnic lunch (not provided). Hank Meals never disappoints and shares a lifetime of knowledge about the diverse people who lived and worked in this watershed throughout time.

Hank Meals is known for his extensive and intimate knowledge of his habitat. A prolific writer and author of several books on hiking trails in the Yuba Watershed, Hank shares information, stories and discoveries about the topography, natural history and culture of the Yuba River basin in the Sierra Nevada. Read Hank’s blog at:

Laura (Hiking for Good) is an experienced hiking guide (wilderness first aid certified) and outdoor writer with a passion for the people and places of Northern California.

Hiking For Good offers a full spectrum of day hikes and backpacking trips all year long for people of diverse abilities and interests who want to explore and connect more deeply with themselves, nature, and other humans.

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WHAT: Hike to Long Point with Hank Meals
WHEN: 8:30 am to 3:30 pm Saturday, April 20
LENGTH: 6 miles
DIFFICULTY: Moderate to Challenging (depends on fitness level)
COST: $35