May 31, 2018 – My experience and my relationships make me the most qualified candidate for Nevada County’s District 3 Supervisor.  For me, this race isn’t about maintaining power or reinforcing the status quo; it’s about achieving what is possible for the citizens of Nevada County. I’ve been knocking doors and meeting with voters in District 3 since August 2017.  The voters have told me what’s important: a thriving economy, affordable housing, safety, innovation, rural representation, and environmental beauty.

I’m a job-creator in Nevada County and I understand how to navigate a changing economy. I’m a start-up business consultant. My expertise can help influence Nevada County’s economic development policy. Together we can build a thriving economy for new businesses and for established businesses. My ideas will propel Nevada County’s economy into the 21st century and ensure that Nevada County and our business owners will remain viable.

I’m a champion for rural California. I have worked with legislators and have influenced legislation for nearly 20 years. In my capacity as an Executive Board Member for the California Democratic Party’s Rural Caucus, I have fought for rural communities and have influenced legislation to include rural perspectives. As Supervisor, I will fight for Nevada County’s fair share and work to ensure that state legislation includes rural families.

I have a proven record of supporting animal welfare in Nevada County and have been a long-time supporter of Sammie’s Friends.  My family and I have heralded Sammie’s Friends’ mission and relationship with Nevada County since we adopted our cat from the organization nearly a decade ago. As a long-time animal-rights activist, my record for animal welfare is well-documented and clear. As Nevada County continues to manipulate the contract with Sammie’s Friends, trying to leave the organization with little resources, my position has been unequivocal: I support Sammie’s Friends and I support upgrading our crumbling infrastructure in order to provide the best facilities for our animals and the humans who care for them.

I support working families in Nevada County.  As the only candidate for Supervisor in Nevada County supported by trade union labor, rather than corporate interests, it is clear that I am the best candidate to support local families in Nevada County working hard for a living.

I will advocate to provide affordable housing for our young families, our workforce, and our fixed income seniors. We need to incentivize our contractors to build more housing stock. When the Regional Housing Authority comes to our municipalities with funded projects for affordable housing, we must find a way to make them work.

I’m the candidate advocating for safety for our neighborhoods. From crime to wildfire prevention, I am offering sensible solutions.  I support our advocacy programs working to end homelessness and I support a housing-first model in order to provide shelter for our most vulnerable citizens.

I’m a trusted community member who entered this race in good faith and with good intentions. I believe that a lot can be done in four years and that first terms are for action and advocacy. I have dedicated my life to community service.  I’m a sixth-generation Northern Californian and jumped into the Nevada County community when I moved here nearly a decade ago. I’m the only candidate endorsed by local people, local politicians, as well as California’s Constitutional officers. As Supervisor, I will work for the people of Nevada County.  Vote for Hilary Hodge for District 3 Supervisor.