The Nevada County Historical Landmarks Commission sadly reports that the historical plaque at Hirschman’s Pond was defaced by someone who splashed red latex paint over it. The vandalism was discovered last Friday by a hiker. It has been reported to the Nevada City Police Department. County personnel promptly removed the plaque and expect to clean it and restore it shortly.

the historical plaque at Hirschman's Pond was defaced by someone who splashed red latex paint over it.

            Hirschman’s Pond was registered as a historical landmark by the Board of Supervisors on July 13, 2021. The plaque was installed earlier this year. The plaque commemorates the Jewish community that helped Nevada County thrive during the Gold Rush era, and Leb Hirschman, the miner who owned Hirschman’s Diggins. The Pond is what remains of the mine.

            Unless and until the perpetrator is caught, we do not know what motivated the vandalism. The Landmarks Commission is not aware of any other of the almost 200 historical plaques in the county that has been defaced and this is the only historical plaque that has any reference to the Jewish community in it. Paint was not splashed on any of the informational plaques in the area.

            Anyone with Information about who defaced the plaque is urged to contact either the Nevada City Police Department or the Historical Landmarks Commission by email at