December 6, 2021 – I am running to retain my position as District Attorney of Nevada County by seeking a full four-year term in the June 7, 2022 election. 

Jesse Wilson
Jesse Wilson

The main function of my office will always be to prosecute crimes in accordance with justice, protect our community, and provide support to victims.  This starts with the vigorous prosecution of those who commit serious and violent felonies in this county.  Holding those individuals accountable and providing justice to crime victims will remain my top priority.   

Now more than ever, utilizing all available options is critical to accomplishing our mission. Traditional approaches to prosecution alone will not provide this community with the best chance of keeping our families safe.  As District Attorney of Nevada County, I am committed to deploying established as well as innovative methods to protect and serve our community. 

I am excited to announce Nevada County’s first ever ‘Project Lead’ will launch in January 2022. Prosecutors from our office, alongside law enforcement officials, will partner with 5th grade classes to provide a law-related education program.  These lessons and positive interactions with prosecutors and law enforcement will help provide our youth with the tools to make good decisions as they enter a critical stage in their lives.

Under my leadership, my office will continue to take proactive steps to make a difference in our community. We have implemented and will continue to provide regular training to staff to ensure top-quality service to the community.  We will pursue and implement evidence-based programs that help disrupt the revolving door of incarceration associated with repeat offenders.

I launch my campaign with the full support of my family. My wife and I are thankful to live and work in Nevada County, and send our children to fine local schools. I am grateful to be the District Attorney in a community in which so many people are committed to public safety and the rule of law. 

I look forward to working to gather the support of those in this community who are as dedicated to its success as I am.  As District Attorney, I promise to retain and demand integrity, transparency, and the pursuit of justice above all else.


Jesse Wilson

Nevada County District Attorney