GRASS VALLEY, Calif. April 2, 2020 – The events of the past several weeks have accentuated our need to have means to communicate with each other and the community.

National and world news is available on television and the internet but it is only your local radio station, newspaper and local focused internet providers that provide local content, the news that affects this county.

We at KNCO and Star 94 are committed to providing up to the minute information in a nonbiased fashion—be it the current crisis or the upcoming fire season and power outages. Even with the power out and the internet down you can still get news from your radio free thanks to your local advertisers.

In a recent editorial the publisher of the Union described the difficulty as businesses close and are forced to scale back advertising. We at Nevada County Broadcasters are facing the same issue. We are a locally owned company and our only source of revenue is from our local advertisers. Every dollar that comes in goes to supporting staying on the air 24/7 and retaining our long-time professional staff of news reporters and on-air personalities.

We are so appreciative of the local businesses that continue to support us. Many are struggling to change delivery patterns to ordering on line and touchless pickup service. We are here to assist them in communicating those changes to customers.

Shopping local is the answer going forward for the survival of local businesses, jobs and families. If we fail to support these businesses in the long run, we all lose. The economic vitality of our community is at stake.

When you patronize a business advertising with our local media please thank them for the support.

Thank you for your support and stay well!

Nevada County Broadcasters

Edward Sylvester, Chairman
Scott Robertson. President