May is Mental Health Matters Month!  This year Nevada County Community Library, in partnership with Nevada County Public Health and Behavioral Health, will be hosting a free Know the Signs suicide prevention training on Wednesday, May 26th from 6:00-7:30 pm via a zoom webinar.  

Training participants will learn about the warning signs of suicide, how to engage with someone they’re concerned about and key mental health and suicide prevention resources available in the community.

Panelists include Julianne Henry, Student Assistance Program Coordinator for Nevada Joint Union High School District, Priya Kannall, Mental Health Services Act Coordinator from Nevada County Behavioral Health and Toby Guevin, Health Education Coordinator of Nevada County Public Health.

Know the Signs is a statewide suicide prevention campaign built on three key messages:  Know the signs.  Find the words.  Reach out. This campaign is intended to educate the public how to recognize the warning signs of suicide, how to find the words to have a direct conversation with someone in crisis and where to find professional help and resources.

For more information, visit the Events Calendar at or call (530) 265-7050.