Nevada City, Calif. January 15, 2017 – California Humanities has recently announced the 2017 Humanities For All Quick Grant awards. KVMR has been awarded $5,000 for the project entitled “A Place to Call Home”, which was developed by the CoPassion Project – Humans Being Positively Human and KVMR StoryCatchers- Voices of the Community.

Humanities For All Quick Grant is a competitive grant program of California Humanities. Grants are awarded to projects that give expression to the extraordinary variety of histories and experiences of California’s places and people to ensure that the stories can be shared widely. These narratives help us find our commonalities, appreciate our differences, and learn something new about how to live well together.

“A Place to Call Home” is a multi-media project inspiring a sense of inclusion and common humanity with homeless people and promoting compassionate action by the community at large. This is done through capturing stories from homeless people, organizations working with homeless people, officials charged with solutions and concerned citizens of Nevada County. “When we hear their stories, we remember they are not separate from us; they are Us and we are Them. We are One. And we all need a place to call home.”

“Everyone participates in the humanities in one way or another, and everyone has something to share to help us better understand and appreciate each other.” noted Tricia Wynne, chair of the board of California Humanities. “Our new Humanities for All Quick Grants program is a way to make support for public humanities programs more accessible across the state of California, amplifying voices we may not often hear.”

California Humanities is an independent nonprofit and state partner of the National Endowment for the Humanities. This year marks the organization’s 40th anniversary of promoting the humanities as relevant, meaningful ways to understand the human condition and connect us to each other in order to help strengthen California. The organization produces, funds, creates and supports humanities-base projects and programs, eye-opening cultural experiences, and meaningful conversations. During the past 40 years, California Humanities has awarded over $29 million in grants across the state. For more on California Humanities’ work and current initiatives, please visit, connect on Facebook at “California Humanities,” and Twitter at @CalHumanities.

To learn more about the “A Place to Call Home” project visit the website at and on Facebook at “A Place to Call Home Project”.