Using Ladris’ Evacuation Pre-Planner tool, Nevada County’s emergency managers and law enforcement personnel can now simulate detailed models for evacuations, traffic times, and road congestion scenarios for wildfires or other disasters. Ladris’ platform integrates public, private, and user-defined data sources to create real-time data visualization and AI-powered predictive forecasting to simulate millions of what-if scenarios.

“This is another tool in our toolbelt for community-wide emergency planning,” said Steve Monaghan, Director of Emergency Services for Nevada County. “The data modeling will aid our team beyond just evacuation planning; it also provides important data that can be used for fuel removal planning along evacuation routes and help identify potential infrastructure improvements.”

The tool is also available to the public. Residents can run evacuation simulations themselves via Nevada County’s award-winning Ready Nevada County Dashboard at and navigating to the “Evacuation Route Pre-Planner” tab. This tool is not designed to be used in an emergency, but in preparation for an emergency. The tool relies on a variety of data sets to demonstrate how residents can be impacted by lengthy evacuation times.

Ladris is based out of Nevada City and welcomes the opportunity to provide service to the local community.

“We are thrilled to provide this technology as a public safety tool for our own local community, and grateful to the team at Nevada County OES for working with us to make that happen,” said Leo Zlimen, Chief Executive Officer of Ladris Technologies.

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About Ready Nevada County

Ready Nevada County is a multifaceted effort coordinated by the County of Nevada to raise awareness and mobilize the community to prevent and prepare for wildfire. Community members are encouraged to look for the logo for the latest on Nevada County’s wildfire readiness through increased planning, strategic partnerships, improved communication, and ongoing public engagement. Learn more at