September 7, 2017 – The Nevada County Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant in the 13000 block of Wolf Road, Grass Valley on September 5, 2017. The warrant was based on several citizen complaints and overhead flights of a large commercial size marijuana cultivation on the property. On the property, Deputies located over 1400 marijuana plants being cultivated, several over 10 feet in height, in large greenhouses. They also located a sophisticated Butane Honey Oil (BHO) manufacturing laboratory, two loaded firearms, as well as several separate packages of Butane Honey Oil suspected of being possessed for sale.

This warrant execution was the 4th time the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office has been to the property to investigate marijuana cultivation. In July 2016, October 2016, and January 2017, Sheriff’s Deputies issued Notices to Abate to Charlie Cantrell, age 42 from Modesto, CA for violating the County Marijuana Nuisance Ordinance.

Charlie Cantrell was arrested for 11358 HS, Illegal Cultivation of Marijuana, and 11379.6(A) HS, Manufacturing a Controlled Substance. He was booked into the Wayne Brown Correctional Facility on $35,000.00 bail.

Also ten other individuals living in different tents and trailers on the property were contacted. These individuals ranged in age from 18 to 48 and were from out of the area, including Sacramento, Los Angeles, Modesto, Indiana and Tennessee.

Omega area grow

Additionally, on 8/31/17, with the assistance of USFS, the Nevada County Sheriff’s Narcotics Task Force served a search warrant on USFS land off of Omega Road. The grow operation appeared to be consistent with a cartel type operation. The total plant count was 1224 plants. While serving this warrant, another grow located on USFS land at the 10000 block of Alpha Road was observed where we located 727 marijuana plants.

Lastly, on September 6, 2017, with the assistance of USFS, our Narcotics Task Force served another search warrant on USFS land off of Graniteville Road. The grow operation was consistent with a cartel grow and 582 marijuana plants were eradicated.