Lightning activity focused over the Sierra and Mendocino areas on Monday. 3,730 strikes were recorded within California and 2,703 strikes were detected within the National Forests.

The Six Rivers National Forest received significant lightning activity across the forest last night, August 14, 2023. Currently, there are 13 reported fires located throughout that forest.

Automated Lightning Detection For Event Period Monday Aug 14, 2023. California map showing the location of the 3,730 strikes.
Map courtesy Tahoe National Forest

On the Tahoe National Forest, the lightning activity sparked six fires yesterday:

  • POLL: 20×20. Lined and in patrol status. Will be monitored today.
  • WEBER: Lined and will be staffed today to continue mop-up operations. .5 acres.
  • ENGLISH: Lined and will be staffed through the day to continue mop up operations. Approximately 50×50.
  • OMEGA: Held at .5 acres. Lined and mop up will continue today.
  • MEADOW: Lightning struck tree with 20×20 ground fire. Two rappellers staffed it through the night. It is lined and the hazard tree has been been put on the ground. Truckee Hotshots are working their way in.
  • GRANITE – Visible from Interstate 80, less than 1/4 acre, 4 rappellers staffed incident through the night. Currently lined and in mop up status. Lightning struck tree which was very dangerous. Crews are working on mitigating the hazard. Will be staffed today with a 10 person hand crew.
Tahoe National forest map showing the location of the  421 strikes for Monday, Aug. 15, 2023.
Map courtesy Tahoe National Forest

For the 24-hr. period, 421 strikes were detected within the Tahoe.

  • American River Ranger District – 3 strikes.
  • Sierraville Ranger District – 61 strikes.
  • Truckee Ranger District – 250 strikes.
  • Yuba River Ranger District – 107 strikes.

Additional fires are expected to pop up as lightning-stricken trees can smolder internally for over a week.

According to the National Weather Service in Sacramento, today’s pattern will be similar to yesterday with a few unorganized cells developing late morning with stronger storms in the afternoon into the evening hours.