Connecting Point is offering a new series of classes that create an opportunity to discuss current and challenging topics within a structure of trust.

“Living Room Conversations” is model of communicating developed by dialogue experts that facilitates building connection between people despite their differences.

Living Room Conversation Series

In these guided conversations, each participant is given time to share authentically about a particular topic, while listeners respectfully suspend judgement. The conversations build understanding and connection between people across divides of politics, age, race, and more.

“The point is to listen to other people’s perspective, and not feel like you must react or defend your own point of view,” shares instructor Wendy Van Wagner. “It helps keep us in a state of curiosity and open to learning from others. It also shows what we actually have in common.”

Van Wagner became interested in leading the classes after noting the impact of polarization over the past few years. “The skill of listening seems lost, and this framework allows us to reenter conversations without the fear of being ‘cancelled’ or causing damage to a relationship.”

The second class in the Living Room Conversations series covers the topic of media and polarization.

Today we can shop for the “facts” that suit our personal viewpoints and limit our exposure to news that we don’t like. In this conversation, we explore the effects that following specialized media sources can have on relationships. This will be offered via Zoom on Tuesday, April 12 | 1-3pm

Connecting Point classes are free and may be attended individually or as a series. Pre-registration is required at or call 530-274-5601.