The Nevada County Office of Emergency Services (OES) is pleased to announce that twenty-six Micro-Grants have been awarded to support recognized Firewise Communities in reducing wildfire risk. This unique program is funded through a grant from the Disaster Relief, Recovery and Resilience Fund at the League of California Community Foundations with support from the Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation. It is being administered by Sierra Business Council.

OES received seventy-six applications for the program from thirty-five different Firewise Communities located in both western and eastern Nevada County. Projects ranged from defensible space treatment on individual parcels to ambitious roadside vegetation removal by entire neighborhoods. At $3,600 per award, the intent of the Micro-Grants is to provide Firewise Communities with a “boost” to support their mighty efforts to create wildfire resilient neighborhoods. The vast majority of grant proposals indicated that the small investment would be matched many times over with in-kind labor provided by residents.

“The need for hazardous vegetation abatement in Nevada County far outpaces the public resources that are currently available. Our Firewise Communities are dedicated to closing the gap with their own sweat equity and the County is proud to support them,” said OES Director Craig Griesbach.

In sum, the Micro-Grants program awarded seven grants for defensible space work, four grants for equipment purchase, and five grants for hazardous vegetation removal. Funding to address evacuation routes was the most pressing need identified by program applicants, and ten grants were awarded in this category. For a full list of grant awardees check out

  • Banner Mountain Firewise Community
  • Burma Firewise Community (2)
  • Greater Dalmatian-174 Firewise Community
  • Greenhorn Firewise Community 
  • Harmony Firewise Community
  • Hyatt-Blue Sage Firewise Community (2)
  • Jones Bar Firewise Community
  • Juniper Hill Firewise Community
  • Kentucky Flat Firewise Community
  • Lake Vera Round Mountain Firewise Community
  • Lower Colfax Firewise Community (2)
  • Montezuma Ridge West Firewise Community
  • Old Mill Firewise Community
  • Outer Jackass Flats Firewise Community
  • Salmon Mine-East Sages Firewise Community
  • Scott’s Flat Pines Firewise Community
  • Sherwood Forest Firewise Community
  • Sierra Hills Firewise Community
  • Squirrel Creek Ranches Firewise Community (2)
  • West End Donner Lake Firewise Committee
  • You Bet Firewise Community (2)

Projects that have been funded will be implemented over the coming months, although some may be delayed so that work can take place after wildfire conditions subside. OES will feature key projects as they unfold at

For more information on wildfire preparedness in Nevada County, visit: