Redwood Materials is creating a circular supply chain for lithium-ion batteries, making them more sustainable and driving down the cost for electric vehicles and clean energy products. By developing fully closed-loop recycling for lithium-ion batteries here in the U.S., we can decrease our reliance on mining, lower the costs of clean technologies and increase the sustainability of our products. 

Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling event

We start with the periodic table. All lithium-ion batteries are made up of varying amounts of metals like cobalt, copper, nickel and lithium. Your smart phones, laptops and electric vehicles all have batteries made of these same metals.   If we recover materials from old, end-of-life products, which can be sustainably broken down to their raw metals nearly infinitely, we significantly decrease society’s reliance on newly mined materials. The largest lithium and cobalt mines in the western hemisphere can be found in the junk drawers of America and we’re on a mission to collect as many of these old products as possible to sustainably recycle, refine, and remanufacture these batteries here in America. 

In partnership with one of largest non-profit organizations, Redwood Materials is working side by side with The Rotary Clubs of Nevada City and Grass Valley to offer convenient locations for community members to recycle their lithium-ion batteries.  We’re excited to kick-off one of our first ‘boots-on-the-ground’ consumer recycling event with the Rotary Clubs of Nevada City and Grass Valley.  

As part of this recycling program, we will be collecting all household items that contain a rechargeable (lithium-ion) battery. This includes old cell phones, electric toothbrushes, hair clippers, electric shavers, laptops, power tools, Bluetooth speakers, video game controllers, e-bikes, wireless headphones, and more!  

This program brings us one step closer to our goal of reaching a circular supply chain for all end-of-life batteries and solving the environmental impacts of new products before they happen.  

Stop by your communities’ first local event on Saturday, April 2nd from 10:00AM – 2:30PM 

Drive-through event location: 200 Litton Drive, Grass Valley, CA 95945 

Can’t attend this event in person?  

Check out Redwood’s mail-in program and learn how to safely ship your devices at: www.redwoodmaterials/ 

You can send us your devices directly to:  

Redwood Materials 

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2401 Conestoga Drive.  

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