March 31, 2020 – As Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital continues to gear up for a potential surge in suspected COVID-19 cases, local community partners are stepping in to do their part to help.

While the hospital still has the enough supplies and personal protective equipment for staff now, they are embracing any donations provided as a huge surge could really stress resources.

In the past week, two business owners – both named Jonathan – reached out to the hospital and made donations that will surely make a difference.

Jonathan Palmer, of Autometrix a local manufacturer of cutting solutions for rolled-goods, reached out to hospital staff claiming he could make face shields. Hospital leaders provided him a face shield which he used as a pattern. To the surprise of hospital staff, Jonathan cut and delivered 700 face shields and 1,000 eye shields of which many are already in use.

Jonathan Dorfman of South Fork Distillery has his team working on making hand sanitizer from their vodka following the World Health Organization guidance on how to produce. To date, 10lbs of this locally made formula has been donated and more is expected to be delivered.

“This is an unprecedented emergency that we are facing and while we feel prepared to manage through, it is with the community’s support via heartfelt letters, well wishes and generous donations that reminds staff that we’re all in this together,” said Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital president, Dr. Brian Evans.