GRASS VALLEY, CA February 1, 2023 – The cost of food is rising and approximately 15,000 are food insecure in Nevada County. Many youth struggle to attain adequate nutrition on the weekends away from school while food-insecure seniors need support but don’t qualify for the Meals on Wheels program.

Fresher Futures

Unhoused and remote residents struggle with mobility or access to kitchen facilities, and the cheapest and/or easiest meal options often contribute to diet-related diseases. Affordable prepared meal distribution is a gap and opportunity in our current food ecosystem.

Fresher Futures – an exciting new initiative of the Impact Foundry, Northern California’s nonprofit resource center – is a collaborative start-up in Grass Valley aimed at training young adults to prepare, sell, and distribute fresh, local, nutritious meals to food-insecure populations.

This new program is a collaboration between The Impact Foundry (TIF), Bright Futures for Youth (BFFY), and Interfaith Food Ministry (IFM), building upon successful meal production and job training models in Sacramento and Oakland.

‘Fresher Community Meals’ is a 4-week pilot program with 8 local community households, and 25 total people. Meals will be prepared in advance and ready to eat.

Youth interns through Connecting Point, supported by Head Chef Sean Sullivan will play a critical role in food production, operations, and distribution of meals made by Chef Eric Ove at Bright Futures.

Anyone interested in being involved in the next phase of meal distributions, they should email for more information.

About Connecting Point

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