Online palliative-care coaching company, Mettle Health, is partnering with local hospice care provider Hospice of the Foothills to hold their first annual convening on August 17, 2023 at the Nevada Theatre in Nevada City, CA.

Mettle Health Convening

Palliative care and the industry around aging, illness, dying, and caregiving is siloed. To be ill and to die is human, but the conversation around these experiences remains “medical” in nature; eschewing the arts, design, and philosophy where they are needed most. The Mettle Convening brings these disparate areas of study together, exploring the full- breadth of the palliative care conversation.

The event is meant for everyone who will be touched by the subject of illness, death, and grief. Patients, caregivers, clinicians, as well as community members interested in the topic are welcome to attend. The more we can get these groups together, the more we can communicate and collaborate across divides, the more we can cultivate understanding and shine a spotlight on what we share as humans navigating these periods together.

This will be the first-ever convening of patients, caregivers and clinicians centered around bridging the gap between the arts, storytelling, medicine, and palliative care.

“It’s high time to review the very common, boring truth that we’re all going to die”

BJ Miller, Co-Founder of Mettle Health and event speaker

About Mettle Health

Mettle Health offers a new perspective and approach to palliative care, helping patients, caregivers, and their families navigate the practical, emotional, and existential concerns related to chronic disease, disability, health- system utilization, and death. Mettle Health is not a replacement for traditional medical care; rather it provides professional guidance, counseling and insights to people working through medical decision making, advance care planning, hospice care and caregiving.

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About Hospice of the Foothills

Hospice of the Foothills provides compassionate end-of-life support for patients, families and the community. Visit: