December 6, 2019 – I, Michael James Taylor, am officially announcing my intention to run for District 1 Supervisor in Nevada County. I am not a politician. I’m getting involved politically because the current economic and housing trajectory of Nevada County is not sustainable.

My extended family has a longstanding history in Nevada County and I grew up spending time in the area. The summer before my junior year of high school, I officially moved to Grass Valley.

In high school, I started working in construction alongside my father and together, in 1979, we completed our first large-scale project, a historic renovation of a private residence on the corner of Pleasant and Neal Streets. After graduating from Nevada Union in 1981, I continued building homes alongside other contractors in Cascade Shores and Alta Sierra. In the following years, I shifted my focus to underground and site work in the Brunswick Basin. The accumulation of these projects solidified my desire to continue developing Nevada County and I started my construction company M.J.T. Builders in 1996, which also happened to be the year my first daughter was born.

As the owner of M.J.T. Builders L.L.C., I’ve worked with many local contractors on both commercial and residential projects throughout Nevada County. In recent years, I’ve seen firsthand the problems constituents face when dealing with the County. My frustrations with inconsistent and cumbersome permitting processes along with skyrocketing fees have led me to run for Supervisor.

When elected as Supervisor of District 1, I plan to comprehensively address low-income and affordable housing, homelessness and mental health issues. I intend to rein in on Nevada County’s building costs as well as reduce fees associated with the development of new projects. I also plan to help streamline building processes and utilize accessory dwelling units (ADUs) as well as tiny homes to support low-income and affordable housing because I believe it needs to be more affordable to put people into homes.

As District 1 Supervisor, I also plan to visit new construction sites county-wide while bringing my wide range of construction expertise to the Board. In District 1, I will review current code compliance cases and make myself personally available to constituents dealing with building code issues. I believe the Board of Supervisors has a responsibility to ensure that property owners and residents are being treated respectfully by the County and I want to improve relationships between the Code Compliance Division, the Assessor’s Office and the general public. I will also work to ensure that the Code Compliance Division respects residents’ personal and property rights. I want to restore the community’s trust in the County and plan to bring fair and just oversight to the Code Compliance Division. As things stand, the only oversight of the Code Compliance Division is the Board of Supervisors and, unfortunately, I don’t feel they’re willing to get involved in individual cases.

My other passions include local agriculture, forestry and fire management. I believe that farming is the backbone of our community and we should not only protect it, but also further build upon all sectors of that industry. When elected as Supervisor of District 1, I intend to develop strategic business plans with local farmers. We need to create long-term, effective solutions that will address the issues facing farmers today and drive economic growth within Nevada County. Additionally, I support craft and cooperative cannabis cultivation in rural Nevada County. As Supervisor, I’ll work on policy that will modify the non-remuneration program and make it possible for providers, medical patients and recreational users to grow cannabis cooperatively. I also believe it’s vital we limit large, commercial grows while simultaneously making the application and permitting process more streamlined for small, boutique “Mom & Pop” operations. These smaller, locally-focused, permitted businesses will contribute sustainably to the economic growth of our community.

In addition to my work as a contractor, I’m a private firefighter who is contracted to run dozers and excavators for CAL FIRE. I’m also a certified crane operator who completes hazardous tree removal projects throughout Nevada County. These roles provide me real-world insight into the fire safety management strategies Nevada County needs.

As a member of the Board, I will not vote to raise or create any new Community Development Agency fees or county taxes. I’ll be an advocate for the working person and will create jobs while supporting sustainable, healthy growth in our community. I plan to support projects that aim to make Nevada County a “must-see” destination for tourists on their way to and from the Lake Tahoe area, such as the construction of low-impact hotels that can sustain an influx of tourism and help drive economic growth throughout the region.

Regarding my personal life: My wife, my daughter and I own a one-bedroom home in rural Nevada City where we are currently building our dream home on an adjacent property. As a family, we raise chickens, keep bees and maintain a community vegetable garden on a 3-acre parcel of land. We actively care for our neighborhood, grading a one mile stretch of our road regularly and overseeing fire safety clearings within our community that protect nearly 100 acres year-round.

I take pride in being a good neighbor in my community and have family ties to this area dating back to the 1930s. I’m a local business owner, a private firefighter, a farmer, a father and a friend. My qualifications for District 1 Supervisor are a lifetime of experiences – both successes and failures. When compared to the other candidates for Supervisor, I believe they fall to the left and right, while I hold steady in the center. 

In a past life, I trained for,qualified for, and completed three Ironman World Championships, proving I have the tenacity to push through hard times. It’s going to take a strong individual to turn things around in Nevada County and I will get the job done despite the political roadblocks that lie ahead.

I’m currently rallying local support and asking that donations be made to my efforts. Donations are appreciated and will help bring oversight to Nevada County. Please ask constituents to mail checks to P.O. Box 1054, Nevada City, CA 95959 or make a donation at my website:

Thank you in advance for helping spread the word about my candidacy. I’m looking forward to building homes, building jobs and building trust in Nevada County.

Warm Regards,

Michael James Taylor