GRASS VALLEY, Calif. October 31, 2016 – Everybody is fed up with corruption and our dysfunctional, gridlocked Congress but hopefully not with democracy. It’s time to vote and throw the bums out.

Congress is controlled by Republicans who are controlled by the Tea Party, which doesn’t believe in government and is happy to block legislation and shut it down. Aren’t we all tired of simple-minded polemics, endless taxpayer funded investigations that prove nothing and the exploitation of social resentment that their movement has inspired? There is a clear progression: Beck to Palin to Trump to La Malfa. Let’s stop this nonsense and elect someone sane and balanced who is willing to actively and positively represent all of us in District 1 rather than just himself. Vote for Jim Reed for Congress.

La Malfa’s negative, dismal voting record speaks for itself. He voted against the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act and opposes Planned Parenthood on widely discredited grounds. He supports fracking in an earthquake prone state which industry would endanger our region’s precious water supply. He is an active climate change denier. He generally votes “No” for even the most positive and useful bills that would benefit his constituents UNLESS a “Yes” vote will benefit himself and his family. He steadfastly refuses to recuse himself in matters where there is a clear financial conflict. For example, he supported water sales going south (which profited his family) but which hurt north state aquifers and small farmers, cut back on environmental protections and undermined fishing and farm jobs. (See 2016 – pending HR 2898) In 2013, La Malfa voted to continue farm subsidies (really price guarantees) for himself while hurting over 7 million low income families by voting to cut $40 Billion from Food Stamps.

Jim Reed will fight to keep northern California water in our region. He supports overturning Citizens United, and getting big money out of politics so that all citizens have a real voice. He will reach out to all legislators and find ways to make Government work for us, not shut it down like his opponent. Jim Reed is committed to bringing our share of federal money back into the north state to invest in infrastructure and high speed internet to make us globally competitive and to build our regional economy. He will work with both parties to protect Social Security and Medicare, to close tax loopholes for rich special interests and rein in Wall Street.

Jim Reed is an engineer, attorney, taxpayer’s advocate and 3rd generation resident of the North State. He deserves your vote to serve in Congress.

Editor’s note: Michele Spencer lives in Grass Valley and is a member of the Nevada County Democrats