March 2, 2018 – A snowboarder missing since yesterday afternoon was found deceased this morning at Squaw Valley Ski Resort.

Wenyu Zhang, 42, of Rocklin was located by Squaw Valley Ski Patrol members after he was reported missing late last night by friends.

A search area was narrowed through the use of a tracking program used by the resort. PCSO Tahoe Nordic Search & Rescue began searching late last night when Zhang did not return from the ski hill. His cause of death is undetermined. Once the tracking program gave searchers an approximate area to search, he was located using a “Recco” device. The RECCO® Rescue System is two-part technology.

Ski resorts and rescue teams carry RECCO® detectors. The detector sends out a directional search signal, which is echoed by RECCO® reflectors worn by skiers, riders and other outdoors people. Zhang was wearing a helmet when he was found.