When Nevada County Media upgraded to its spacious new digs during the Covid shutdown, plans for a massive grand opening, followed by a roll out of diverse programs and events, were delayed. Executive Director Ramona Howard took the prolonged shutdown in stride, using the time to make sure the multi-studio and performance hall facility was ready to rock when the time came.

Having weathered the economic storm and hit the ground running, she says now, “It was a little disappointing and scary at the time, but we kept our heads down and knew the day would come to emerge fully energized, ready to support the community.”

Now with the gloves off, and the shutdown turning video production into an ever more important communication tool, Nevada County Media is making up for lost time, and the community continues to benefit.

Using their new state of the art video recording equipment, and their large performance hall complete with stage, piano, and green screen, plus the addition of local long time musician Jay Tausig as audio engineer, Nevada County Media (NCM) is pleased to announce they are ready to record and stream live performances for local musicians and bands.

“These new services are something I’m personally jazzed about, and we look forward to working with local bands both small and big as they grow their video recording catalogue,” said Tausig.

NCM is offering two services starting in January. The first is a Spotlight Performance, that is recorded at the NCM studio. Each session includes a sound check, a 30-minute live performance, multi-mic mixing, and a multi-camera video edit. Performers receive copies of both the video and audio files, which can be used for live performance demos for gigs, uploading to YouTube, sharing on social media, or posting to band websites.

To make it irresistible, the first session of Performance Recording, with professional equipment and mixing, is completely complimentary for NCM members. You read that right: absolutely free. For a second and any subsequent sessions, NCM members will enjoy a super discounted flat rate of $150.

You don’t have to be a member, though, in order to get your performance professionally recorded and edited. Anyone is invited to record a live session, and non-members have a flat $350 fee per 30-minute performance.

The second item is a live streaming Open Mic performance. Again, NCM members are free, others pay a small fee of $45. Individuals or small groups simply sign up, show up, and play. This is both recorded and streamed to YouTube, making it easily shareable. Visit the NCM website for more details.

So sign up for NCM membership, and add two more perks: a free live performance recording in a professional studio and a live streaming session! Upload your music to the world, and expand your gigging ability, with the help of Nevada County Media.

According to Executive Director Howard, “The world is your video oyster, and we’re here to help you dive in and find the pearls.”

For more information, including how to become a member, please go to www.nevadacountymedia.org.

Nevada County Media is a 501c3 nonprofit. Our mission is to foster community dialogue, increase civic engagement, and enrich the cultural life of our community through digital media. We serve the public interest through fostering collaboration around creative expression.