The City of Nevada City has received a ballot initiative from proponents of a measure that proposes to create a Historic Neighborhoods District within the City. The City has received inquiries about the proposed initiative. The City Council is not the sponsor of this initiative. The City presently does not take a position in support or opposition to the proposed initiative and the City is only involved insofar as State law requires the City to accept legally sufficient ballot initiatives and process them as required by the Elections Code.

The initiative petition has been submitted to the City and signatures are currently being verified by the Registrar of Voters. The results of the signature verification process are due by August 5, 2022. Should the petition be found compliant with all aspects of the law the City would issue a Certificate of Sufficiency and the matter would be heard at the regular meeting of the Nevada City Council on August 10, 2022.

The City will continue to comply with all laws governing the processing of local ballot measures, but it cannot presently answer general inquiries about the content or impact of the proposed initiative. These inquiries should instead be directed to the proponents of the measure. A copy of the petition and related submissions are available as public record requests and can be accessed in the document center on the City website or directly through the link below: