Nevada City, Calif. — At the City of Nevada City October 26, 2022, City Council meeting the City Council approved a Business Development and Sustainability Fee Waiver Program. The program looks to assist businesses as they emerge from the impacts of COVID-19 and seek to sustain and expand their offerings.

The program allows up to $2000 in City fee waivers for businesses in the following categories of fees:

  • Business License or Home Occupation Permit
  • Conditional Use Permit
  • Minor Architectural Review: Like for Like Change
  • Architectural Review: Non-Residential
  • Sign Review
  • Encroachment Permit: Parklet or Sidewalk Dining
  • Encroachment Fees: Parklet
  • In Lieu Parking Fee
  • Seaman’s Lodge Rental Fee for Business Use
  • Special Event Fees for Business Generating Event

Applicants must either be a business in good standing with a current Nevada City business license or obtain a first-time business license in Nevada City through the fee waiver program. Other fees, taxes, past due fees, or fees already paid are not eligible for fee waiver under this program. It is anticipated that businesses may use the fee waivers to:

  • Develop an outdoor dining parklet
  • Install a new sign at a business
  • Open a new business
  • Obtain a conditional use permit for outdoor dining on private property of an existing business
  • Repaint or remodel an existing business
  • Add on to an existing business
  • Implement outdoor sidewalk dining

Applying is simple and can be completed entire online. To begin an application, send your interest by email to and include “Fee Waiver” in the subject line. Businesses can also call 530-265-2496 x119 or visit City Hall for more information. The City asks that this information be shared broadly so that all businesses may have an opportunity to participate.