April 24, 2020 -The City of Nevada City to slowly transition back to normal operations.

With the health and safety of all our residents in mind, the City of Nevada City will begin the process of re-opening portions of the Pioneer Park. The park will re-open Saturday April 25th. To maintain compliance with the current Stay at Home Order issued by the County Public Health Department, only the paths/walkways of Pioneer Park will be open, so people have a safe and scenic place to walk and jog. All other park facilities including playgrounds and BBQ areas will remain closed.

Nevada City’s Mayor, Reinette Senum says, “It’s important that the City balance caution with the need for healthy, outdoor activity of its citizens. The City has been closely monitoring the situation, and staying apprised of the latest data coming from the CDC and the State with this information, we are comfortable to begin the soft opening process with our park system and feel that citizens will continue to keep cognizant of Stay at Home Order and the continued need for social distancing.”

Parks and Recreation Manager, Dawn Zydonis says, “I have been concerned about our community’s mental well-being during this time, so I am excited that we are able to make this small step in a positive direction.  I am anxious to open even more areas of Pioneer Park, but we need to be smart about how we move forward.  I certainly understand that walking and jogging are not recreational for everyone, so I look forward to when we are able to chase balls, throw Frisbees and climb on the playground again.”

As our community members demonstrate proper social distancing, hygiene and other health-conscious practices, we look forward to re-opening other public areas that are not affected by the Stay at Home Order.

We are gradually moving toward the next phases of COVID-19 and we hope this re-opening is the first of many more exciting progressions to come. Depending on the outcome of this re-opening, and as we learn more about the current state of the virus in our area, the City hopes to be able to share continued uplifting news in the upcoming week!