July 17, 2019 – Nevada City School District is very excited to announce Superintendent Monica Daugherty’s appointment to serve as Interim Superintendent. Monica is passionate about education and her commitment to students, teachers and families’ well-being are unparalleled. Ms. Daugherty is a seasoned educator having earned an Administrative Services Credential in 2014 with Master of Arts in Education at CSU Sacramento, a Multiple Subject Credential  in 1995 and a Learning Handicapped Teaching and Business Credential in 1991. She has been with the Nevada City School District for over seventeen years and served as Principal at Deer Creek Elementary School, a teacher in multiple settings such as Special Education, Outdoor Education, and various Regular Education classrooms. In 2017 she won the ACSA Region 2 Elementary School Principal of the Year.
In all circumstances, Ms. Daugherty has proven herself to be first and foremost relational. She creates and maintains bonds with students, families, and staff that help ensure academic success. As a seasoned educator she is skilled at looking at the individual student and diagnosing strategies that will support that student in the classroom environment. She is relentless in her pursuit of finding what works for each child, and works with teachers to encourage them to never give up on a student.
She has the  ability to provide guidance in the areas of instructional strategies, classroom management, scope and sequence of curriculum, and multi-tiered systems of support is of the utmost.
Also of note is Superintendent Daugherty’s leadership  over the years on area and district level committees. She is an active member and treasurer of the Association of California School Administrators (ACSA). Her commitment and dedication on the Coordinated Curriculum Council was instrumental in the adoption of California State Standards Math and English Language Arts curriculum. Another district-level committee that she co-led with another Principal was the Curriculum Assessment Leads. This group of district instructional leaders, who represented grade level teams, developed benchmark assessments and standards-based report cards with Monica’s direction. Her leadership has been apparent, as she used data to guide decisions for Deer Creek Elementary in the LCAP process. Her fellow district administrators respect her opinions and follow her lead. As the new Superintendent she is fully prepared for the challenges and guidance the district will need during the 2019-2020 school year.
To contact Superintendent Daugherty you may drop by the office at 800 Hoover Lane, Nevada City or email her at email her at  mdaugherty@ncsd.k12.ca.us