NEVADA CITY, Calif. September 8, 2020 – The City of Nevada City has been receiving multiple emails, telephone calls and social media posts regarding PG&E cutting down trees on city owned property as well as the recent Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS). A lot of the information that is currently out there is not accurate and we wanted to inform our community as to the facts regarding both issues.

PG&E is in phase one of cutting down trees which have the potential of interfering with power lines in the city limits of Nevada City. During phase one, PG&E has obtained an encroachment permit to temporarily close West Broad Street in order to park equipment in the roadway which will be utilized to cut down trees located on private property. These properties are on W. Broad, Spring Street and Finley Street. During this phase NO trees located on city owned property will be cut. On 9-9-2020 the Nevada City, City Council will discuss the trees which could potentially be affected that are located on city property.

With the current PSPS, we were excited to find that with the work completed in the past year by PG&E, the majority of the businesses in the historical district were not affected by the power shutoffs. Other areas that are not currently affected are Zion Street and Searls Avenue. Businesses in these areas are open and ready to serve you.

Thank you all and know that the city is here to support you as best we can during these difficult times.

The City of Nevada City