Nevada City, Calif. – The National Weather Service predicts significantly WET and COLD weather Thursday and Friday nights, December 29th and 30th. Considering the weather prediction, Sierra Roots and the County of Nevada are activating the Cold Weather Shelter Protocol for Thursday and Friday nights.

The shelter will open at 4:30 p.m. on Thursday and Friday afternoons in Nevada City at the Nevada City Veterans Hall and will accept guests until 8:00 p.m. The shelter will close at 7:30 a.m. each morning. This is a community-wide collaborative effort to temporarily shelter one of our most vulnerable populations during extreme weather events and connects homeless residents to additional services.    

With Sierra Roots leading the overall efforts, the Homeless Outreach and Medical Engagement Team (HOME Team) will provide case management services to attendees. Hospitality House will provide Homeless Access Transportation (HAT) to and from the sheltering location. The Nevada County Veteran Services Office will also connect homeless veterans to available services.

Shelter Location and Assistance

The Cold Weather Shelter is located at the Veterans Hall (lower level), 415 North Pine Street in Nevada City.

Anyone experiencing a housing crisis can gain further referral assistance for shelter, food, healthcare, and other services by dialing 2-1-1 or 1(844) 319-4119 to speak with a local 211 Connecting Point call specialist. 

If you see or know someone experiencing homelessness or have concerns about unhoused individuals, contact the HOME Team. 

Call: (530) 470-2686                                          Email:

Shelter Activation Protocol

  1. Per the Nevada County Office of Emergency Services- National Weather Service’s LOW temperature prediction for the City of Nevada City is forecasted to be at or below 30 degrees, for a period of 5 hours or more overnight; or
  2. National Weather Service LOW temperature prediction for the City of Nevada City is at or below 32 degrees, for a period of 5 hours or more overnight, with snow on the ground in Nevada City; or
  3. Per the Nevada County Office of Emergency Services- National Weather Service has issued a winter storm warning for Western Nevada County for elevations at or below 3,000 feet.
  4. Any other extreme weather event or condition identified by the Nevada County Office of Emergency Services in consultation with Nevada County Health and Human Services Agency and City staff.

Better Together Nevada County 

Better Together Nevada County is an overall strategy spearheaded by the County of Nevada to support innovative and meaningful collaboration with key stakeholders while educating the public and inviting them to be part of the solution. Community members wishing to learn more about volunteer opportunities to support non-profit organizations working on homelessness can visit the Better Together Volunteer Hub at 

Sierra Roots 

Sierra Roots takes a grass roots relationship-based approach in our work with homeless people and acknowledges the dignity of the homeless person and nurtures the connections within the community to lessen isolation and promote well-being. Sierra Roots is dedicated to listening to and collaborating with homeless people in helping them to define and meet their needs and is committed to helping homeless people secure safe homes and to progress in health and self-reliance. For more information about Sierra Roots, visit