The Nevada County Association of REALTORS is pleased to announce that it has endorsed Adam Kline and Erin Minett for election to Nevada City Council.

Nevada County is experiencing a severe housing crisis with a lack of workforce housing units to support our local businesses, non-profits and community services. 

Our recent forum allowed candidates to present their perspectives, and it was quite evident to the Association that the two now endorsed candidates, Adam Kline and Erin Minett, had  our community’s best interest in mind.  They understand and believe that our County needs to act in an expeditious and intelligent fashion to address housing needs with “smart growth” incorporated into our local planning, development and home improvement processes.

The Nevada County Association of REALTORS® understands that the lack of housing is the primary cause for our labor shortage and the key to Nevada County’s continued vibrance. Local action is required to increase our housing stock.  We want to ensure that local businesses re-open and allow our tax dollars and purchases to remain in and support our county. Without achievable housing, we lack the required workforce. 

The Association of REALTORS® advocates for and pursues local practices and leadership that will support our county’s business and economic sustainability while ensuring the continuance of maintaining the rural and historical ambiance that residents and visitors so enjoy.