December 7, 2020 – Nevada County Housing and Community Services has been awarded $1,129,500 based on the submission of their 2019/2020 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) application.  While funding is not expected to be received until early Spring of 2021, these funds will serve to reduce food insecurity through the County’s partnership with Interfaith Food Ministries (IFM) and Gold Country Community Services (GCCS) while also providing design funds for a resource center for homeless residents.  

Funding provided by this grant will allow GCCS to increase the number of seniors served by the Meals on Wheels Program while providing two daily meals.  Additionally, GCCS will be providing seniors with shelf-stable meals to ensure they have food during an emergency such as a power outages and inclement weather. 

IFM serves approximately 8,000 individuals, providing food to the community with the highest nutritional value available.  CDBG funding will allow IFM to provide individuals with greater access to a variety of produce and expand its food educational and gardening programs while partnering with numerous other non-profits.  

CDBG funding will further allow IFM to install a generator to ensure food stability at their distribution center and sustain operations during power outages.  Additionally, IFM will replace its current refrigerated box truck which will become obsolete by the year 2022 due to increasing Statewide emission regulations. 

CDBG funding also provides for the development of design plans for a Homeless Resource Center.