January 31, 2020—On January 29, 2020, Nevada County Elections received a reimbursement award for its recent purchase of ballot marking devices. The award, totaling $105,816.96, was approved by the California Voting Modernization Board, which was established by the Voting Modernization Bond Act of 2002 (Proposition 41).

Nevada County’s ballot marking devices offer all voters the opportunity to vote privately and independently. These voting machines help the voter mark his or her ballot via a touchscreen that presents the voter with their ballot. The ballot marking device then prints out a paper ballot for the voter to review and cast. Ballot marking devices are offered for use in all vote centers around the County.

Registrar Gregory J. Diaz hopes that this will be the first of many reimbursements that the County will receive. “Our office looks forward to working with the Nevada County Board of Supervisors and the California Secretary of State on future reimbursements for further upgrades to our elections system, as well as state and federal reimbursements set aside for adopting the Voter’s Choice Act.”

Nevada County was one of five counties to implement the Voter’s Choice Act in 2018, which provides vote-by-mail ballots to all of Nevada County’s voters and establishes vote centers.

More about the California Voting Modernization Board can be found at: https://www.sos.ca.gov/elections/voting-modernization/