NEVADA CITY, Calif. February 12, 2018 – At tomorrow’s Board of Supervisors meeting the official adoption of the 2018 Board Objectives and Legislative Priorities for Nevada County will be on the BOS’ consent calendar. Developed during the annual Board Workshop in January, these priorities will inform the budget process for the coming year.

A Priorities

Class A priorities indicate the highest priority for objectives listed. This year’s list:

  • Maintain County’s financial stability and core services in light of economic conditions.
  • Prioritize the implementation of existing County policies and programs to reduce the risk of wildfire and the effects of wildfire on life, property and the environment. Pursue hazard vegetation mitigation funding sources and support related community partners with their efforts. Explore other ways to reduce the threat and damage from wildfires.
  • Implement the Homeless Services Plan utilizing Coordinated Entry, a 24/7 service pilot program and a housing first model to identify and offer services to the most vulnerable homeless population in Nevada County through partnerships with other jurisdictions, law enforcement and community providers.
  • Continue to develop long term County cannabis regulations and explore a cannabis revenue measure for the November ballot.
  • Leverage County resources to expand opportunities to address housing affordability issues for all target populations in Nevada County through partnerships with other jurisdictions, potential developers and the housing authority.
  • Work with ERC, SBC, RCRC, CSAC and Nevada County legislative advocates to identify and seek state and federal funding to support board policy objectives including economic development.

The renewed emphasis on wildfire mitigation measures and the possible ballot measure to approve a tax/fee on cannabis production/products are new as top priorities.

B Priorities

A little further down the list:

  • Increase and improve public awareness and civic engagement through educational information programs.
  • Complete fee study for recreational improvements to serve new development and encourage all entities to consider collaboration/consolidation into one western county regional park and recreation operation.

Civic engagement like serving on advisory boards, completing the Citizens Academy or being a Grand Jury member strengthen the community fabric.

C Priorities

  • Evaluate the options and feasibility of establishing a business license process in the County.
  • Explore economic development opportunities for the current corporation yard when vacated which may include airport expansion, commercial development and/or other best use opportunities.

At this time, the unincorporated areas of Nevada County do not require a general business license. A simple DBA registration is available from the Clerk Recorder’s office.

Core Services Definition

Also up for adoption is Nevada County’s core services definition, as listed in the supporting documents. While roads, jail and law enforcement are specifically named, public safety through wildfire mitigation is not.

“A core service is defined as that which is essential to the public’s health and safety. Areas funded by the County in this category include roads, jail, law enforcement and required maintenance of effort to leverage state or other sources of revenue for basic public/mental health services and other social services.”

The BOS will consider these items at the beginning of their meeting, shortly after 9:00 am on Tuesday, February 13, 2018.